Fertilizer Grows Jobs

Feeding Crops While Growing the U.S. Economy

Grand Totals
Fertilizer Jobs
Manufacturing Jobs in the United States
Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and secondary and micronutrients are all necessary for plants to grow, and all are produced in the United States. Phosphorus and potassium are mined from natural deposits, and nitrogen fertilizer is produced in a chemical process that relies upon natural gas as a feedstock.
Retail Jobs in the United States
Retailers sell fertilizer and related services, including agronomic advice, custom blending, and application, directly to farmers. Whether they are small businesses with one or two locations, or regional and national networks – including farmer-owned cooperatives – retailers have a positive economic impact in all 50 states.
Terminal & Wholesale Jobs in the United States
Wholesalers and terminal operators serve as a critical link between fertilizer producers and retailers. Companies in this sector offer larger scale purchasing power and storage facilities that help fertilizer retailers manage risk in the national and international fertilizer market.
Economic Impact
Economic Impact for the United States
This includes the direct contribution, supplier contribution, and downstream positive impact of the fertilizer industry on the U.S. economy.
Transportation Economic Impact for the United States
Fertilizers must be transported from manufacturing plants to wholesale facilities and ultimately retailers. Modes of transport include rail, truck, pipeline, and barge.
Taxes Paid
State Taxes for the United States
Federal Taxes for the United States
Fertilizer Means Food
Crops, Fruits, Nuts, & Vegetables: Fertilizer provides the nutrients that farmers need to grow crops, and in 2019 the U.S. fertilizer industry made possible the production of $188.78 million worth of vegetables, fruit, nuts, and food for livestock in the United States.
Animals, Meat, & Milk: Livestock food, grown with fertilizers, helps create an additional $177.53 million worth of meat, milk, and other products such as eggs in the United States.
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